Risa Rae

Sex: Female
DOB: 8.8.75
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

An adventure seeker at heart, I’m a full-fledged Canadian living on US soil. Cool eh? It’s been an incredible time of my life. The last seven plus years have taken me places I never could of imagined, yet likely I did at some point. Always a dreamer…the world is calling my name. Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, Caribbean, China and the ever beautiful Hawaii are all on my ‘been there, loved it, wanna go back’ list. If I could take a year (or 5) and take on Japan, Iceland, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Fiji,…the list goes on…and so one day I shall. Reality is just a thought away! I even shot a pilot for a travel show as a co-host with my awesomely talented friend!

Since I was eight years old shooting photos of my friends and family at strange angles, I knew I must, at some point, be a photographer. About 20 years later for 10 or so years, I did just that. A dear friend of mine from high school and I started BlueIce Photos. We shot weddings on weekends with whimsy! That was just about the most fun job ever! (I said, just about)

I always had a passion for writing. Poetry mostly. So pen to paper (finger to iPad) and LuckyTheLeprechaun.com was born. That in itself was an amazing experience. My friend and I self-published this little gem.

My mom always says, “You never sit still!” so of course I had to be a fitness instructor! I love the industry and wanted to be involved with changing peoples lives for the better…another notch on my large belt…I even did a competition but decided I love food too much to maintain that lifestyle.

My love of voice-overs began almost two decades ago. I enjoy playing with characters and seeing what strange and wonderful voices will come out! The possibilities are always endless and that’s what I love most about being in the studio. I’m forever a student. Feedback and friendly criticism are always welcome. I aim to please!

Please have a look around and contact me for any questions. I’d love to work with you on your next project!